July 04, 2007

Health-Care Costs Are Sickening

"If We Can Find The Money To Kill People, We Can Find The Money To Help People."

Allen Campbell kisses his wife, Cynthia, Tuesday in a hallway of the state Capitol, where she testified in favor of Senate Bill 840, which would mandate universal health care in California. Cynthia Campbell, diagnosed with two forms of aggressive cancer and left bald by chemotherapy, will see her insurance coverage lapse on July 20.

I'm too young for Medicare, and I make too much money for Medi-Cal, Campbell, 53, told the panel. But one eligibility worker told me how I could get Medi-Cal: 'Get pregnant, get the Medi-Cal card, abort the baby, and keep the card.' This is my only option.
I think the health insurance industry, the pharmaceutical companies are in for some pretty bad times. I don't think people are going to tolerate this any more. They're going to demand legislation. They're going to demand that we have universal health care.