March 23, 2006

Democrats, Excuses Excuses Excuses. Republicans, Lyres Lyres Lyres.

Myth-making and excuse-making on the Feingold Resolution

Counteracting negative reactions to censure with facts and frames.

In order to generate further support for the Feingold Censure Resolution, numerous bloggers are encouraging everyone to pay an actual physical visit to their Senators' local offices in order to urge support for censure. Anyone doing so is likely to encounter the two primary myths/excuses which have been concocted by Senators and others in order to justify their refusal to support the Resolution. They are both plainly false:

MYTH/EXCUSE NUMBER ONE: An investigation is needed before it can be known whether the President broke the law.

MYTH/EXCUSE NUMBER TWO: Republicans want this scandal to persist because it benefits them politically.
History is on Feingold’s side, even if Democrats aren’t