March 15, 2006

Feingold Censure Move May Give Bush a Boost on Security Debate

A Democratic senator's attempt to censure President George W. Bush over his eavesdropping authorization is getting a warm welcome from unlikely sources: the Bush White House and the Republican Party.
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Mr. Feingold...You Had Me at Censure
Senator Feingold is right you know, the President did 'plainly break the law' when he approved surveillance without warrants.
I don't want to get too into politics on this blog because, frankly, I don't have the stones for it right now, but I will say this:

The reason that the overwhelming American populace is so willing to allow our civil liberties to be the 'baby in the bath water', is because this administration has so easily replaced logic with fear - a fear that, again, for the vast majority (sadly), was already well established in the zealousy of a 'good vs. evil' mentality. Thanks religion!

As a social outcast, a title I accept with great pride mind you, I happen to enjoy learning about how this kooky human brain of ours works. The part of our brains that ignites fear, doesn't even bother with connecting to any thought process - the brain sort of figures if you are afraid, you don't have time to actually 'think', so you just...react. It's one of, it not the oldest parts of brain evolution and every animal on our spinning marble has one.
So, for me anyway, it stands to reason that the ease with which our once amazing nation is shitting themselves 24/7, is that we are all together a herd of zebra panicking because the big dumb head zebra snorted.

Okay wait...I just got lost in my own imagery here.
My point is, a good many Americans are NOT playing into this cave-man reactionary prompt and are actually THINKING. Mr. Feingold just had the courage to call it. And now all of his colleagues are getting antsy and cowering. Shameful.

Just Angela